Pamela Anderson Attacks U.K. Following Julian Assange Arrest

Pamela Anderson has taken to Twitter to berate the U.K. and Ecuadorean governments following the arrest of Julian Assange in London Thursday morning. Anderson called Britain “America’s bitch” suggesting the arrest was a way to provide a diversion from “your idiotic Brexit bullshit.”In a series of tweets the former “Baywatch” actress, who befriended Assange during his asylum sparking rumors of a romance, went on to call Donald Trump a “toxic coward of a President.”

Anderson was a frequent guest of Assange during his time at the Ecuadorean embassy in London after the pair were introduced in 2014 by fashion designer Vivien Westwood with Anderson saying she wanted to find out how to be a “more effective” activist. In an interview with Fox News in August 2018 the actress said Assange was one of her favourite people, although she has denied rumors of a romantic relationship.

“He’s definitely an interesting person and there’s definitely a romantic kind of connection ’cause it’s a romantic struggle,” Anderson told Harvey Levin on Fox News’ “OBJECTified.” “We have this closeness… he’s not close to people like he is to me.”

She had previously raised concerns about Assange’s health after his visitor privileges were revoked in March of last year and defended him in the press calling him a “political prisoner” and a “hero.”

Assange was arrested inside the embassy by Scotland Yard officers after being invited in by the Ecuadorean ambassador following the South American government’s withdrawal of the WikiLeaks founder’s asylum.

Pamela Anderson


I am in shock..
I couldn’t hear clearly what he said?
He looks very bad.
How could you Equador ?
(Because he exposed you).
How could you UK. ?
Of course – you are America’s bitch and
you need a diversion from your idiotic Brexit bullshit.

Pamela Anderson


And the USA ?
This toxic coward of a President
He needs to rally his base? –
You are selfish and cruel.
You have taken the entire world backwards.

You are devils and liars and thieves.
And you will ROTT